Wall-mounted safety shower

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Wall-mounted safety shower with manual control includes: 
- Frost-free system as standard. 
- Circular shower head Ø 250mm in green, shockproof ABS, flow rate 70 lpm at 1 bar dynamic pressure (120 lpm at 3 bar dynamic pressure). 
- Triangular pull handle in green epoxy coated brass. 
- Supplied with identification sign for first aid equipment: "Safety Shower". 
- Water supply F1". 
- Galvanised steel pipes coated in grey epoxy. 
1/4-turn, nickel-plated brass valve opens and closes quickly.Water flows simply by pulling on the triangular handle. 
The flow stops when the handle is returned to its original position. 
For cross wall installation, with recessed supply, or for mounting on a false ceiling (we recommend a 1" mounting bracket).

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