SECURITHERM shower panel with fixed shower head

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SECURITHERM thermostatic sequential shower panel: 
• Epoxy-coated aluminium shower panel for wall-mounted, exposed installation. 
• Top inlets with M½" stopcocks. 
• SECURITHERM thermostatic sequential mixer. 
• Temperature control from cold water up to 39°C. 
• Maximum temperature limiter set at 39°C, can be adjusted. 
• Anti-scalding failsafe: hot water supply shuts-off immediately if cold water supply fails (and vice versa). 
• Thermal shocks are possible. 
• Flow rate 6 lpm at 3 bar. 
• Chrome-plated ROUND shower head, tamperproof with scale-resistant nozzle with no grid and automatic flow rate regulator.
• Hygiene control lever L. 100mm. 
Copper inlets. 
• Concealed fixings and filters.

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